For the woman who wants to make a statement, while making an impact.

About Us

Behind the name:


Hey, Ladies!

What do you say when your friend shows you her fresh new hairdo? 

"Yesss, hair!" Do not forget the series of finger snaps to follow! LOL!  We love to express ourselves in many different ways.  Especially, through our hair.  

Yesss Hair is a luxurious virgin hair collection for the woman who wants more life out of her hair AND her purchase. 

Yesss Hair CEO:


Being a proud native of Gulfport, Mississippi, Krystal S. Little is a transplanted Houston, Texan. 

As a Special Educator who has worked at every level of the public school system, Krystal recognized a common trend in her school district - students who silently suffered - due to either their family's lack of finances or under extreme circumstances, homelessness. 

With the initial intention of providing women with a luxurious collection of virgin hair, Yesss Hair will also generously make donations to provide some level of comfort and normalcy for those students who often suffer in silence. 

Yesss Hair will partner with community leaders and organizations to help children in need.

Why Purchase Yesss Hair:

Young students

 Every purchase you make with Yesss Hair helps a child in need. 

Each month 10% of gross sales will go towards school supplies, clothing, graduation requirements, first year college care packages etc. for students at an impoverished school.

Donations will be announced monthly through Yesss Hair's newsletter and blog. 

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Yesss VIP Club to see how your purchase will fulfill our company motto:

"Making an impact, while making a statement!"